Spearhead from Space

The first episode of the third Doctor, also marks the first episode of the show, in full colour.
Jon Pertwee starred as the newly regenerated Doctor, exiled to Earth by the Time Lords as punishment for his constant meddling in the affairs of other planets. On Earth, the Doctor stumbles out of the TARDIS, unconscious, and with no memory of how to operate the TARDIS.
Meanwhile, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) has been given charge of UNIT, the United Nations Intelligence Task force, a crack unit designed to deal with alien intervention with the Earth. We soon learn that a series of meteorites have been crashing to Earth, several times in the same location...too many to be a coincidence. To help him discover the reason behind the mysterious meteorites, he calls in Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, a scientist from Cambridge. When the Brigadier learns of the unknown stranger found in the viscinity of the meteor shower, and of the police box he was found near, he has reason to believe it is his old friend the mysterious Doctor, who helped him several times in the past. When the Brigadier and Miss Shaw arrive at the hospital, the man in the bed wakes, recognizing the Brigadier, claiming to be the Doctor, but the Brigadier does not know him. Upon regaining his strength, the Doctor steals some clothes, and a visiting physician's car and makes his way to UNIT Headquarters, following the trail of the TARDIS. Agreeing to help UNIT, the Doctor and Miss Shaw discover the meteorites are actually alien power sources, sent by the Nestene consciousness to develop their Auton slaves to take over the Earth. The Autons being made from plastic shells, inhabited by the force of the Nestenes. The Doctor and UNIT find a power source, and develops a device to combat the alien invasion...

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    This is the first real story where the Doctor encounters a parallel dimension. Project Inferno is being headed by Professer Stahlman, the project is designed to drill a shaft to the center of the Earth, where it will release a gas providing a new energy source for the world, called Stahlman's Gas. Providing security for the project is UNIT, with the Doctor, who is exchanging his knowledge for the use of the projects nuclear reactor, attempting to repair his TARDIS. The Doctor realizes the gas will have horrible consequences on the planet if released. Output from the drill shafts is an extremely hot liquid, turning those who touch it into hairy, primate-like savages, driving them crazy, and making them red hot to the touch, but Stahlman will not have his dream destroyed. Stahlman sabotages the project computer so no one will know of it's warnings, he also pulls the plug on the Doctor's projects, while in a critical dematerialization test. The resulting power fluctuations send the Doctor "sideways in time", to a parallel universe where England is run by a fascist power, and the Inferno Project is nearer to completion than the one on the Doctor's Earth. The Doctor finally convinces those in charge of Inferno (Brigade-Leader Lethbridge-Stewart, and Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw) who he is, and just before that world is destroyed in flames from the Earth's core, is transported back to the Earth he had left. Once the Doctor regains consciousness after rematerialization, he convinces the Brigadier to stop the Inferno Project. In the end, Stahlman's warped dream is stopped and the Earth is saved...

    This seven part adventure was recently put out on video by the powers that be (either CBS/Fox or BBC Video). By mistake however, the box lists the story being in black and white, while it really is in colour.

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