[Light Saber; The Jedi's Weapon]

Jedi Knights

Your training will be a landscape of self-discovery. Learn new things, and share what you have learned with the others. Here you will distill the concepts of learning combined with action. This is a place for learning of action. A Jedi is aware, but does not waste time in mindless contemplation. When action is required, a Jedi acts.

Nature of the Force

  1. Introductory Lesson: The Force
  2. The Path of Darkness
  3. The Nature of the Force
  4. The Jedi Code
  5. A Jedi's Greatest Ally
  6. The Nature of the Dark Side

Jedi History 

  1. Historic Locations Concerning the Jedi
  2. Old Republic Timeline

Jedi Training 

  1. The Calming Breath Technique
  2. Jedi Meditation -- Basic Technique
  3. A Jedi's First Battle

Advanced Lessons 

  1. Technology of the Lightsaber
  2. The Dangers of Training Jedi

Nature Of The Force

Lesson One: Introductory Lesson: The Force

The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire.
Obi Wan Kenobi

Concentrate. Feel the Force flow. Not outside or inside, but part of all it is. Through the Force, things you will see. Reaches across time and space it does. Other places. The future... the past. Old friends long gone. Always in motion is the future. Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? And well you should not. For my ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life it creates, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we... not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you. Here, between you... me... the tree... the rock... everywhere!

In balance is the Force. The Dark and the Light. With out one, there is no other. The Dark Side, tempting it is. Quick, easy at first, but a trap is the Dark Side. Corrupting, evil. Once you start down the Dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. For the Light Side, patience you need. Control. Peace and harmony it is. The force is an energy field generated by all living things. It surrounds and penetrates everything, binding the galaxy together. Like any energy field, the force can be manipulated. Knowledge of these manipulation techniques give Jedi Knights their power. There are two sides to the force: light and dark. Both sides are part of the natural order, life-affirming and destructive. Through the force a Jedi Knight can see far off places, perform amazing feats, and accomplish what would otherwise be impossible.

Lesson Two: The Path of Darkness

Does the Force use the Jedi, or the Jedi use the Force?

To use the Force, one must be at harmony with it. Only when calm, at peace, can one act with assurance of control. When one is at harmony with the universe, one acts as one must to maintain harmony. The will and the Force are one; the actor and the acted upon, the same. There is no contradiction: there is unity. That is the path of Light.

There is another - the path of Darkness. The universe is an angry morass of power. To release that power, one must harness one's basest emotions: hate, anger, fear, agression. By releasing one's own anger, one releases the anger of eternity. Only when filled with hate, can one perform the most hateful of acts. The will and the Force are one.

That is the choice of the Jedi: serenity or hatred; peace or anger; freedom or tyranny; learning or power; the Light or the Darkness. Because the use of the Force and the way the Force uses its user are one, the choice is inescapable. A Jedi who starts down the path of the Dark Side will forever be dominated by it. That is why the Jedi must follow a strict code.  Emporer Palpatine.... Darth Vader.... are all Followers of the Dark Path.

Lesson Three: The Nature of the Force

From lifelessness came life; from dead matter came spirit. With life came perception: the perception of beauty and ugliness, serenity and fear. The Force grew strong as life grew stronger. Life is the universe's way of perceiving itself; the Force is the strength of its perception. As life grew, evolved, became more sophisticated, there came intelligence - and with it, the capacity of understanding.

Intelligent beings questioned the universe, and when they were clever enough to ask the questions in the right way, the universe answered. The Force became stronger, more sophisticated, as intelligence spread and sapient's knowledge of the universe deepened. Yet the nature of the Force is hidden and subtle. Questions about the nature of matter and energy are more easily answered. Intelligent beings developed a high technology by understanding of physical law - yet understanding of the universe's mystical nature lagged behind. Intelligent beings built advanced cultures which were cold, cruel, ignorant of the beat of reality's heart.

So stood the galaxy, until the rise of the Jedi. They studied the Force; they took first few steps on the road to universal harmony. As their mastery deepened, as their fame spread, and as their works began to bring harmony and freedom to the galaxy, they were betrayed. For the Force is not itself good or evil; it is a reflection of nature, and nature itself can be cold and cruel. Evil ones can harness the force to their will - and, by doing so, lose something of their humanity, becoming virtual avatars of the Dark Side of the Force. For the Master of the Dark Side, as for a Master of the Light, it cannot be said whether one controls the Force, or the Force the Master; to ask which is the actor and which the acted upon is a question of no meaning. It was inevitable that some would use the Force to slake their base lust for wealth and power. The Dark Side is easy and seductive; the first successes brought thirst for more. These evil ones brought the great Jedi low, hunting down and killing all of their ancient order. All - or almost all.

Lesson Four - The Jedi Code

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

To use the Force, the Jedi must remain at harmony with it. To act in dissonance depletes one's power. The Force is created and sustained by life. The Jedi acts to preserve life. To kill is wrong. Yet it is often necessary to kill. The Jedi may kill in self defense or the defense of others. You may kill if, by doing so, life is preserved. But you must know, always, that killing is wrong. When you kill, you commit a crime against the Force. Though you may know that you do so for the greater good, and the greater good justifies your act, you must also know that the death remains as a stain upon your spirit.

The Jedi does not act for personal gain, of wealth or of power. You must act to gain knowledge; to sustain freedom, life, and learning; to defeat those who would impose tyranny, death and ignorance. Sometimes, wealth or power is needed to achieve the Jedi's goals. Money is required for the purchase of goods; power is required to obtain the help of others. To achieve one's goals, a Jedi may obtain wealth or power, but is not interested in it for its own sake, and will surrender it once those goals are achieved. A Jedi never acts from hatred, anger, fear or aggression. A Jedi must act when calm, at peace with the Force. To act from anger is to court the Dark Side, to risk everything for which the Jedi stand.

Lesson Five: A Jedi's Greatest Ally

A Jedi's greatest ally is the force.

The Jedi's use of the Force is his greatest skill and most difficult achievement. The Force is a powerful field created by all living things; it surrounds and penetrates the entire galaxy ...but it does not fall to everyone to use it as a source of insight and power. A Jedi from the beginning must do what most men cannot; develop a sensitivity to this Force. He must actually feel it, feel his oneness with it, feel it tangible flow through him, then his conscious awareness must join the Force so that the knowledge through the Force will become his own.

At some point a Jedi learns to abandon reliance on his own mind and its effort. He learns to stretch out with his feeling , to let go of his limited idea of himself, and to move with the deeply instinctive levels of his being. By listening, by becoming peaceful, by turning his attention to the Force, he finds that place where his individuality is joined to the knowledge and power of the universe. At some point a Jedi becomes one with the force. It consumes him, penetrates him, makes him part of all living things.

Lesson Six: The Nature of the Dark Side

Unlike the Light Side of the Force, which embraces the whole, the entire focus of the Dark Side is the self. The appeal of the Dark Side is its very destructiveness and its isolation. Those who seek power for selfish reasons find comfort in its narcissistic gaze. The Dark Side emphasizes aggrandizement of self to the exclusion of others. In this way, rage and anger are turned into sources of strength.

Many are attracted to the Dark Side because its selfish nature allows great and showy deeds. The ease with which power is summoned belies its danger, for anger and hatred consume the individual even as one dominates one's surroundings. Ultimately, the Dark Side rejects the very celestial nature of life itself.

To the Jedi, the Force is not a part of their existence; it is their existence. To a student of the Dark Side, this is incomprehensible. It is not uncommon for Dark Side students to go into the wilderness, much as their Light Side counterparts do. The crucial difference is that the Light Jedi goes into the wilderness to commune with the wild. The Dark Side follower goes to separate himself from the community of life. There, in isolation, a Dark Side follower can perfect his or her own oneness with the Dark Side, and revel in that corruption. Yet in the Dark Side are anger and hatred and isolation and...fear. That fear drives the Jedi to isolation, jealousy and desire to be the most powerful of all. This very predatory nature sparks battles of dominance when several Dark Jedi or Dark Side Adepts gather. Sometimes these are violent confrontations, other times they involve subtle mind games or diplomatic discussions; but make no mistake, there will be some attempt to assert control over each other. The violent nature of the Dark Side often leads to betrayal and bloodshed. Not only does this fratricidal tendency discourage long term cooperation among Adepts, it has also hindered the passing of knowledge. Whereas the Jedi and other servants of the Light Side have established great libraries and oral traditions to advance their work and educate succeeding generations, those of the Dark Side have few such institutions. Many never record their knowledge for fear it may aid an enemy. Others are too arrogant to allow others to learn from their mistakes.

Jedi History

Lesson One: Historic Locations Concerning the Jedi

Lesson Two: The Old Republic Timeline  

Jedi Training 

Lesson One: Calming Breath Technique

This is a simple breathing exercise, to be practiced every day. It is useful in stressful situations, or when you feel threatened, for it helps you to remain calm, and to relax. It is presented in three easy steps. Start with the first step, until you've mastered it. Then progress to the next step. Once you have reached the third step, you will have learned the Calming Breath Technique.

Wear loose fitting attire, so that you are comfortable. Make sure that you can breathe through your nose. If you have a cold, do not practice this exercise until you can breathe clearly.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Practice so that the Calming Breath becomes effortless, and inaudible. You should breathe no louder than usual. Once you have mastered the technique, it should be invisible to the untrained eye, making it useful in almost any situation. The calm mind can more readily feel the ebb and flow of the Force.
Luke Skywalker

Lesson Two: Jedi Meditation - Basic Technique

Jedi meditation techniques have been handed down through the ages as a way of gaining insight and wisdom in the force. There were many different meditation techniques, but most have been lost to the ravages of time. The following is the first step in the most commonly practiced method. Like all force training, the Jedi meditation technique follows a hierarchy of steps: Control, Sense, and Alter. You must learn control of your own abilities, before you can truly sense the Force. Once you have mastered sensing the Force surrounding you, you can use the force to perform actions and alter the events and objects around you.

The basic technique teaches you to control your own mental process, and allows you to focus your thoughts on one object, thought, or goal, the object of your meditation. This object must have a clear objective or subjective reality to you, so it is easiest to begin with a physical object such as a ball or a candle. After you have mastered meditating on physical objects, you may proceed to mental objects such as mental images or goals. Make sure your mental object is clearly defined in your mind.

How to start:

Practice these steps until you are able to concentrate on the object without distraction. Once you have mastered these steps, you should gain a sense of that object through the Force. Stretch out with your feelings, and perceive the object.

Lesson Three: A Jedi's First Battle

A Jedi's first true battle is with oneself, and no one else. Only when you have done this can you truly become a Jedi. "You cannot control it, you will be tempted! Don't give into hate it leads to the dark side"

One of the major themes running throughout Master Skywalker's tale is Luke's battle with himself. Luke finally won the battle when faced with killing his own father, he said no and turned away from the dark side of the force. At this point the emperor knew that he was lost to the Dark side and decided to have him killed. Luke had to overcome the hatred, fear and anger (emotions of the darkside) he felt toward his father and forgive him for all that he had done (destroyed the Jedi, tortured his friends, killing Ben, though probably most importantly abandoning Luke as a child and failing to be a father to him).

Fighting the battle with the darkness within was the lesson of the tree where the dark side was strong. When Luke entered he asked "What is in there?" and Yoda replied "Only what you take with you.". In other words the tree merely reflected and brought out the place were the dark side resided within Luke, that is his feeling towards his father. Striking Darth Vader down in the tree, signified Luke killing himself or more importantly failing the test of a Jedi to turn away from the Dark side.

As already mentioned, when Luke latter forgave his father and refused to kill his father he successfully turned away from the Dark side. If you wish to become a Jedi, you must face those places of pain, anger and mistrust within you, places where the dark side of the force grows and lingers. You must forgive those that have harmed you in the past and truly Love them. For unless you do this, no matter how much physical and mental training you will do you will be at risk of falling to the ways of the Darkside. You must first battle the foe within before you can help others.
May the Force be with you...

Advanced Lessons

Lesson One: Technology of the Lightsaber

The lightsaber is the elegant weapon of the Jedi Knights. These power swords project blades of pure energy capable of cutting through most materials. Considered archaic when compared to blasters and other modern weapons, lightsabers are nonetheless impressive and powerful personal weapons that require extensive training to use effectively. Tradition dictates that lightsabers be constructed by their Jedi owners as part of the knighthood training.

Although the exact details of lightsaber operation remain shrouded in mystery, the general technology is known. All the controls and components fit into a compact handle 24 to 30 centimeters long. When the lightsaber is activated, a tremendous charge of pure energy flows from the power cell. Through a series of multi-faceted jewels that focus the energy into a tight parallel beam.

Each saber beam has a unique frequency which determines the "feel" of the blade, how it handles when cutting something or contacting a force field or another saber blade. The frequency of each saber blade can be calculated from its blade colour and pitch it generates. Sabers use between one and three jewels to give their beam a specific frequency.Sabers with a single jewel have a fixed amplitude, which determines the blade length. Other sabers with multiple jewels can alter their amplitude, and thus the blade length by rotating or varying the separation between the jewels. The best sabers use natural jewels, but, evidently, the Jedi can forge synthetic jewels with a small furnace and a few basic elements.

The beam emits from a positively charged continuous energy lens at the centre of the handle. The beam then arcs circumferentially back to a negatively charged high energy flux aperture, usually set in a disk that also serves as a handguard. The power amplitude determines the point at which the beam arcs back to the disk, setting the blade length. The tight, arcing beam forms a blade of amazing strength.A superconductor transfers the power from the flux aperture to the power cell. Almost no energy is lost in the process - the beam doesn't even radiate noticeable heat, though it does fluoresce and hum. The saber loose power only when it cuts through something, but not when contacting another saber blade. The Jedi must use his strength and skill to force his blade against another saber blade, no lightsaber can cut another's beam.

Controls at the hilt of the saber adjust the power cell capacity and allow periodic recharging. Though exact duration figures are not known, it is clear that Jedi can use their sabers for years at a time before recharging becomes necessary.

Lesson Two - The Dangers of Training Jedi

"Training Jedi is a most rewarding pursuit, but one ringed with many unseen perils. Never, oh Master Jedi, rest easy when your pupil begins to grow anxious to learn at a pace greater than that which you have set for him. Such impatience is natural in the young and inexperienced, and a commendable trait in a student. But it also signals a time when the pupil is most open to the temptation of stepping into the broad path of instant gratification and easy advancement that leads to the dark side. Beware, Jedi Master, lest through carelessness and inattention you loose on the galaxy a monster..."
Bodo Baas

The Ancient Jedi masters knew that Jedi training must proceed at a slow pace. Too much power gathered too quickly can corrupt even the most selfless and devout Jedi apprentice. A Jedi student must be properly humble in his powers, and mature enough to embrace the tremendous responsibility that comes with wielding the Force. A student impatient with the slow pace of the tutorship, a gifted student eager to dispense with "pointless exercises" and embrace the true power of the Force misses the entire point of being a Jedi.

The Jedi does not crave power, but seeks to serve others, without the expectation of becoming "great in the Force." The true Jedi is cautious, and reluctant to learn too much too quickly. Overeager students run a fearful risk of opening themselves up to the temptations of taking the deceptively easy path of the dark side. In the days of the Old Republic, the Jedi teachers kept a careful watch on their apprentices, ever alert for the telltale signs of the headstrong apprentice who wanted more than they were ready for.

Every Jedi disciple soon heard the dreadful cautionary tale of the gifted Jedi Exar Kun, and how he was lost to the dark side by the arrogant belief that he could embrace Sith teachings and not be dominated. If a great Jedi Master could fall, their teachers told them, they themselves must tread with special care. While Jedi teachers in the past could draw upon centuries of tradition an experience in training Jedi, we have fewer resources available to us, it is an  awesome responsibility that comes with being the teacher of a new generation of Jedi.

The Force will be with you, always.