The Gallery of Rassilon

[The Seal Of Rassilon]
Welcome to my image gallery;
Just a few choice offerings, feel free to browse....
If an image seems too small, click away, it should grow

[Dogs Playing Poker]
I may not know art, but I know what I like....

The Doctor's Lonely Hearts Club Band]
Wouldn't you like to be a Time Lord too?
[The Ring of the Universe?]
A nice picture I found on the cover of The Infinity Doctors,
a recent Doctor Who novel.

[Jon Pertwee]
A touching work dedicated to the late Jon Pertwee, by Chris Sutor.
I absolutely love this picture. A beautiful tribute to the man who introduced me to Doctor Who.
Jon we miss you....

[A Long Time Ago....]
A Long Time Ago....
You know the rest.


[Bond, James Bond]
Bond, James Bond.
Connery of course. The first, the best, the quintessential.

[Spock on the Canadian $5 bill]
Sir Wilfred Laurier. Spock. Hmmm.....
[Me in my scarf]
Here I am, in the scarf! Buzz by the link to get the stats...
And here I am again, neat hat eh?
[I Lay the Mumbo Curse on You!]
What else to do in my spare time.....
[The Men In Red]
My Hallowe'en Costume, and new hobby, Star Wars Replica Props.