The Tale of the Long Scarf

That's right, I've got a 20 foot long scarf, and I wear it happily, a la Doctor Who
Check here to see a picture of the scarf!
The Scarf was knit by Cherie Maracle, wife of a good friend, Aaron Maracle, just check out his page.

Ah, we have official measurements of the scarf now :
State 1 : Relaxed without tassles : 17' 7"
State 2 : Relaxed with tassels : 18' 9"
State 3 : Fully stretched without tassels : 23' 5"
State 4 : Fully stretched with tassels : 24' 11"

And we have to give credit where credit is due, the man with the tape measure :Terence J. Boldt

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