[Light Saber; The Jedi's Weapon]
Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, an elegant weapon from a more elegant time...

My Second Lightsaber



Again, not too shabby eh? This is my second lightsaber, based loosely on the design used by Obi-Wan in Episode One.

Let me run down the recipe for my lightsaber though for all interested. And again, if anyone does like my design and makes a saber with it, please email me, I'd love to see pictures if you have any and hear comments on the design.

Parts List
Part Supplier Approx Cost
1 12"x1.5" flanged chrome tube Home Depot $8-$12
1 12"x1.25" flanged chrome tube Home Depot $8-$12
1 6"x1.25" flanged chrome tube Home Depot $7
1 replacement faucet Home Depot $5
5 brass rivets Home Depot $1
2 knureled knobs Home Depot/td> $1
3 finishing washers Home Depot $1
No-slip Dashboard covering Canadian Tire $3.50
1.25" Wooden dowel Home Depot $5
2 part metal epoxy Canadian Tire $3
Black High gloss Tremclad Home Depot $4
Clear silicone Home Depot $4
4 large O-rings Home Depot $4

What I Did

Before doing any actual assembly, I pre-painted my faucet handle black. Then on the ends I drilled some holes, and screwed in my rivets, giving a nice looking pommel effect. Next was to cut the threads off the 6"x1.5" tube, and cut off the flanged end, giving me my emitter, which would slip up and over the flanged end of the 12"x1.25" pipe, which became the base tube, again with it's threads cut off as well. After the emitter section was cut to the right size, and fit snugly on the end, I cut out the "vents". I was pretty new at using my Dremmel cutting discs, so I went with the easiest pattern I could do, and it worked out not bad.

Next, I painted my dashboard covering black, it was black, but not very dark, it looked more like a dark grey, so I painted it up, and let it dry, while I cut the 12"x1.5" tube down to a proper size, (about 6"), and made my cut for the grip to show through. On this section I screwed in the knurled nut, not only for decoration, but to slip onto my belt clip, which was really just my cell-phone belt clip, but after a fair bit of sanding and grinding, the nut fit nicely into it.
So, I cut the dashboard covering down to size to fit a section behind the emitter vents up top, and attached and siliconed those into place, secured by a large O-ring. I then siliconed another O-ring about 1" away, for the grip to rest against. I cheated and used electrical tape on the back of the grip to hold it in place, then slid my "grip tube" up the shaft, again, using the clear silicone to hold it in place against the second O-ring.
Just under the "lip" of the grip tube, I screwed in a piece of dowel, sanded a bit to fit snug, with a hole drilled down it's center. The hole was for a large bolt to hold faucet handle in place, which I attached through the open end of the handle with a large washer and another nut. The screw was hidden by another O-ring I had slipped in there to hold and support the flanged end of the grip tube, and voila. We have a lightsaber hilt.

Lightsaber in Progress]

May The Force Be With You.

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