[Light Saber; The Jedi's Weapon]
Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, an elegant weapon from a more elegant time...
[Me && My Lightsaber]

Quite lovely isn't it? I've been a Star Wars fan all my life, having "lightsaber" fights with the empty tubes from Christmas wrapping paper, I always wanted a lightsaber of my very own...Naturally I bought the Hasbro lightsabers as they came out, they really are great for the sound effects, and fun for duels when extended, but when you just want to walk around with your saber on your belt, they fail. The problem being the extra six inches of plastic that remains from the blade, not retracted into the handle...
Well, this year with Phantom Menace out, Hasbro did their lightsabers again, with the same shortcoming, but another company, Rubies costumes, made sabers as well, that fully retracted into their handle, having light, but no sound. The Rubies blades however were rather cheap and flimsy and don't hold up to dueling very well at all.
I was still seeking a better lightsaber, that's when I found lightsabers on eBay. Most of which were rather out of my price range, but from them, I learned a lot about how the original movie sabers were created, and found many links to sites on how to make lightsabers or order them again. Well, since I just bought a house, and it has a workshop in it, I decided it was time to put it to use, and decided to make my own lightsaber, now I share them with you.
My First lightsaber.
My Second lightsaber.
My Third lightsaber.
My Fourth lightsaber.
May The Force Be With You.