[Light Saber; The Jedi's Weapon]
Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, an elegant weapon from a more elegant time...

My Fourth Lightsaber

[Menacer Saber]
[Menacer Saber] [Menacer Saber]

The "Menacer" Saber I call this one, why? Is it menacing? Well perhaps, but really because I made it from the parts from a Sega Menacer light gun from an old Sega Genesis. The gun itself may become a custom blaster one day, it's sitting in the workshop, all painted black, waiting for some customizing.

Parts List
Part Supplier Approx Cost
1 Sega Menacer - Free
1 1 1/2" Chrome plumbing pipe extra Home Depot $6
4 Brass knureld rivets Home Depot $1
1 Light fixture button/cap Canadian Tire $1.99 assorted light acc pack
1 windshield wipre Canadian Tire $4.99
1 tube black caulking Home Depot $4.99
1 brass finishing washer Home Depot $0.25
1 steel door latch (?) Home Depot $0.85

What I Did

This was my piecework saber, put together with a lot of junk I had laying around my work bench. I had grabbed an old Sega Menacer gun from work that was due to be junked, thinking I could maybe make a nice custom blaster for my Royal Guard costume from it. I took the two scopes off it, and fiddled around with these two separate tubes. I toyed with gluing them together, since they were angled such that they would fit, but it looked kinda goofy. So, I shoved a left over piece of pipe (about 4") into the middle, and voila, the saber took shape. A few buttons later, and the latch thingy (painted gold) on one end to clip on my belt, we were almost set. With a few leftover scraps of windshield wiper, I glued them on the sides, caulked the seam between the two scopes, and the pipe, and called it a deal. My custom saber was complete, even looked like a double bladed one possibly. But we'll just keep folks guessing, and reveal that when we need to, just like Maul did. ;)

Well, this is what she started out as eh? If anyone has any cool custom ideas for the "blaster" part, let me know!

May The Force Be With You.

Allow Artoo to take you Back.
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